The consortium as a whole provides the project with the expertise and experience in all the key areas that are required to achieve the project’s objectives.

The partners’ core competences are complementary to each other:

  • Variability Management: Addressing variability management, product-lines and reuse processes, methods and tools. (TECNALIA, SIRRIS, SINTEF)
  • Decision making support, for product development (HI-IBERIA)
  • Modelling Languages: Addressing complementary initiatives as: CVL for variability modelling (SINTEF, TECNALIA, Fraunhofer), UML MARTE (for RTES architecture design and evaluation (TECNALIA). VARIES partners are heavily involved in core standardisation processes.
  • MDE Frameworks: Addressing advanced tooling platforms as: Modelbus (Modelplex project (Fraunhofer), MOFScript (SINTEF).
  • Life-cycle Methodologies: Addressing innovative and emergent product life-cycles, development/acquisition and maintenance methodologies, etc as AGILE Methods (TECNALIA, HI-Iberia, OTHER), reengineering (IMDEA)
  • Verification Techniques: Addressing the V&V activities by providing methods, tools and support. Different approaches are considered: model-based/formal verification, testing (specifically fault-injection techniques), simulation, etc.
  • Industrial cases: Autronica, Spicer, Barco, Macq, SKS, HI-Iberia, HiQ, Metso