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VARIES Public Deliverables

See also Results for parts of non-public VARIES deliverables that have been made available.

VARIES Platform Download

Additional information on the application of the VARIES RTP you can find here.

Tool Name Provider Category License Where to optain Available via Source Available
Plum Tecnalia Variability Management Proprietary Website e-mail Request On Request
BVR Tool SINTEF Variability Management Open Source Website Link Link
pure::variants pure-systems Variability Management Proprietary Website Request Form No
Artisan Studio Atego Modelling and Variability Management Proprietary Website Request Form No
Atego Asset Library Atego Modelling Proprietary Website Request Form No
CTE XL Professional Berner & Mattner Testing Free and Proprietary Website Web Shop No
Meran Berner & Mattner Requirements Engineering Proprietary Website e-mail Request No
ModelBus Fraunhofer FOKUS  Integration Framework Open Source and Proprietary Website Link Link
Traceino Fraunhofer Fokus Tracebility Proprietary Website Link No


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