Industrial Automation

Automation Projects

Macq realizes SCADA and PLC automation projects. Each automation project has a lot of customer specific needs in addition to needs that are more generic across projects. This implies that every automation project needs to make the trade-off between a completely custom development and trying to generalize and expand the underlying core product used in the automation projects.

The goals of the VARIES case study / demonstrator are:

  • Determine qualitative and quantitative metrics that could help us decide if a functionality should be added to the main product line or reside at the customer’s application level.
  • Study and try out agile methodologies that allow to have the right amount of variability in the product.
  • Study how some concept of modularity could be a compromise between adding functionality to the product or restraining it to one application.
  • Study how we could combine version control and testing at the application level and still have reusable modules.

Industry Automation

Another VARIES demonstrator in the field of the automation industry is provided by Metso. Metso develop and deliver automation and information management application networks and systems, intelligent field control solutions, and support and maintenance services.

The goal of this case study / demonstrator is to demonstrate better practices and tools for project and product management that enable better variability of the product. Furthermore, Metso operates in a multi-site environment and therefore the challenges of the global operational environment need to be taken into account in this case.