Hybrid Power Train Control System

The VARIES demonstrator from Dana Spicer will define the driveline of an off-highway vehicle on which a hybrid feature will be added. The use case deals with hybrid power train control systems, the components generating power and delivering it. Automotive Engine Control Unit (ECU) development for hybrid systems demands new methods and tools for variability management of hybrid functional features across all steps of automotive ECU development. Furthermore, substantial organizational and process changes have to be made in the course of migration to product line engineering.


ECU systems for hybrid power train systems form a product family, as driven by the automotive OEM market as well as systematic reuse considerations. Following items are critical for the success Maintaining productivity during transition from project to product-line development, thus keeping change costs at a minimum.

Driver Assistance Functions

A VARIES demonstrator from B&M provides the development and testing of a traffic sign recognition system for different platforms. The main focus on current traffic sign recognition developments lies on the recognition of prohibition signs. The B&M demonstrator will concentrate on the detection of speed regulations.

B&M Demo

Variability drivers for the traffic sign recognition are mainly a platform development for the driver assistance functions allowing configuring different customer specific functionalities, e.g., a certain set of signs to be recognized, different signs in different markets etc. Furthermore, the traffic sign recognition has to run on different platforms using different operating systems.