Analysis, Test and Verification in The Presence of Variability

Join Oystein at Dagstuhl seminar lecture ‘Analysis, Test and Verification in The Presence of Variability’

The seminar will include:

1. Sessions on challenges of analysis of variability, including models and software analysis, given by experts in variability research.

2. Presentation of state of the art research on software analysis that is not developed with variability in mind, but that can be applied to tackling the variability challenge.

3. Dynamically planned sessions on how to address these challenges, how to transfer knowledge, tools, and benchmarks between research areas.

The methods in focus will be program analysis, model checking, type checking, and testing. We believe that the seminar will fruitfully mix computer science and software engineering researchers, allowing the former to derive interesting basic research problems stemming from practical needs, and inspiring the latter to use the latest research advances in software analysis technology to advance variability management tools.