VARIES is an industry driven research project in the ARTEMIS programme on the topic of variability in safety critical embedded systems. Embedded Systems (ES) are rarely entirely conceived from scratch. Companies developing ES constantly face decisions about whether to use and adapt existing products or product assets or whether to develop new assets. Determining the long term risk and benefits of such decisions is very challenging. VARIES addresses the following question: How can the benefits offered by introducing variability into ES outweigh the increased product complexity caused by variability. Its objectives are:

  • to enable companies to make informed decisions on variability use in safety critical ES;
  • to provide effective variability architectures and approaches for safety-critical ES; and
  • to offer consistent, integrated and continuous variability management over the entire product life cycle.

In addition, VARIES will create a Center of Innovation Excellence (CoIE) for managing variability in ES. VARIES started in May 2012 for a duration of 3 years, and involves 23 partners from 7 countries.